Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Favorite Role!

Enjoying time with my three precious daughters at my home in Roanoke, Virginia is one of my favorite leisure time activities. Now that they are all grown, it's a rare treat when all three are home at the same time.

Look closely at the picture and you will notice that Kylie is pulling Grandma's hair. It would appear that my two granddaughters are in cahoots to get Grandma Eileen! And they're giggling about it, too!

Friends used to tell me before I had my own grandchildren, "There's nothing like being a grandparent!"

I now understand what they mean. Hug and kiss them. Play with them. Read to them. Take walks with them. And then give them back to their parents to train them. Yeah! Life is sweet.

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Nathan and Rachel Waldock said...

You did it! Looks good. =) One hint -- if you want to make that post show up after the other one, just change the date and/or time of the post so it is before the date/time of the other one. You're doing really well with this blogging thing! And without me to teach you...I'm impressed!

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