Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mango Mama!

It's mango season in India! Since I've been looking forward to the fresh fruit, Nathan is eager for me to taste-test several varieties. Like a kid in a candy shop, his eyes grow wide when we hover over the mango bins at the corner grocery.

He explains that mango raspuri is juicy and sweet. Mango banguinpally has a firmer flesh. Mango alphonso is a popular export to the States. Some are small with greenish-yellow exterior, while others are large and either solid green or yellow. I'm looking for the ones I typically see in Kroger back home--you know, the red ones when ripe--but I do not see them. Nathan says that variety typically comes from Mexico.

Other varieties available include mango kesar, mallika, sindhuri, malgoa, and totapuri. I had no idea God was so creative when He fashioned this one fruit. Reminds me of Revelation 22:2 which says in the new earth the tree of life will bear twelve crops of fruit and yield its fruit every month. The leaves will be for the healing of the nations. I suspect this may be a fruit my eyes have never seen or lips tasted! Can't wait!

Later, after supper, Nathan calls to me from the kitchen. "Come and get your treat!" He has carefully chopped up three different types of mango and placed them in separate bowls. I taste each one. Hmm, tough decision. Which one do I like best? Mango alphonso, I think. The flesh is a deep orange color and pleasantly, but not overly, sweet. We carry the bowls to the table. Rachel has prepared homemade biscuits. We scoop some mango and pile it on top of our bread in shortcake fashion.

"Quite yummy!" I remark.

Rachel and Nathan seem pleased that Mango Mama has finally tasted the fresh fruit she's been waiting a year and a half to enjoy.

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