Monday, April 25, 2011

Tell About Your Favorite Vacation and Enter to Win a Copy of Tranquil Moments

May is right around the corner! This gorgeous Virginia weather makes me think of vacation time.

One of my favorite vacation spots is Maui. I enjoyed it so much I returned home and wrote a book about what I saw and experienced.

What's your favorite vacation spot?

Tell us about it and automatically enter to win a copy of Tranquil Moments, Spiritual Refreshment from the Island of Maui.

Winner announced June 1st!

Can't wait to read your vacation ideas!


LAURA said...

My favorite vacation spot is Ocean City, Maryland. It's not so far away, doesn't make it on the top 10 of any destination list...but it's my warm and restful place to go. We have vacationed there for a week for almost every year that I have been alive. We've had to miss a few here and there due to lack of finances...but just a few ;)

I wake early and sit on the beach or the balcony and watch the ocean...listen to it's roar...and remember how very small I am. I sit and marvel at how with each and every wave God tells it how far it can come.

I spend my days doing all the fun family things that I did for all those years with my parents...passing down the traditions to my children. There's a lot of comfort in those simple things.

There are quite a few exotic places that I'd like to see...but for our family, we will always return to Ocean City, MD.


Eileen Rife said...

Wow, Laura, the way you described Ocean City really took me there. Warm and restful.I could hear the ocean roar, see the waves coming so far and no farther.

Thanks for telling my readers about your favorite vacation spot.

Eileen Rife said...

Congratulations, Laura. You are the winner of the copy of Tranquil Moments!

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