Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RENU: Wonderful Weekend with Extended Family!

A funny thing happened on the way to a wonderful weekend with extended family . . .

On Rt. 73 headed toward Peebles, Ohio, Chuck and I drove the country road while gazing at cornfields and scattered clapboard housing. On one porch sat Ma and Pa in their rockers, watching the confused motorists (us!) drive back and forth down the same road. Well, perhaps I'm stretching the tale a bit. We drove past the same house once in our search for the sign to Hillsboro. Was that a smirk on Ma's face?

Ma must be a take-charge kind of woman. We passed row after row of utility poles leaning toward the road. Perhaps her chief complaint was poor cell phone service, so the company sent someone out to aim the pole in her direction. Who knows?!

We thought about stopping and asking Ma if we were headed in the right direction, but when we came up on the sign, "Otway," we figured that was her way of saying, "At-a-way!" so kept on going.

Once we approached the one traffic light which hung from a tree branch overhanging the road, all sorts of wild imaginings flitted through our little brains. Perhaps Ma, tired of holding the light herself, had called a council meeting to make other arrangements. Thus, the tree branch.

Tales of Ma kept us giggling until we passed a horse pasture full of Shetlands, along with two nursing babies, no bigger than huskies. Of course, we had to stop and pet a horse face. However, the babies wouldn't let us get close. Instead they galloped to the safety of their mommies and nursed.

Back in the Chevy, we finally arrived in Peebles and climbed the hill to the Woodland Altars office. Close behind were Verns and Toms.

What followed was a rich weekend of sharing scriptures, prayer, praise, songs, laughter, and tears as we took turns relating how God was working in our lives. A dip in the camp pool and a hike or two along a trail provided some exercise and rounded out the weekend quite nicely.

A trip to the cathartic . . . uh, is that north of the Artic? Anyway, very therapeutic and enriching weekend.

Truly, a RENU (Rife Empty Nesters Unite), but also renewing for spirit, soul, and body.

Thanks, sibs, and thanks, Lord, for the time away to love and be loved by family members.

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