Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Author Dan Walsh today with a giveaway!

Dan Walsh is the bestselling author of 8 novels, published by Revell and Guideposts, including The Unfinished Gift, Remembering Christmas, and The Reunion. For those who haven’t read Dan’s books, reviewers often compare them to Nicholas Sparks and Richard Paul Evans. He’s won 3 ACFW Carol Awards, twice his books have been finalists for RT’s Inspirational Book of the Year. His latest project is partnering with Gary Smalley on a 4-book fiction series. The first is called, The Dance, which released in April. A member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and Word Weavers, Dan served as a pastor for 25 years and now writes fulltime. He and his wife Cindi have been married 36 years and have 2 grown children, both married, and 1 grandson. They live in Port Orange, FL. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter, or read his blog. There are buttons to connect to these, as well as a sneak peek at all his books on his website at http://danwalshbooks.com.

Publishers Weekly says the following about The Dance:

“Marilyn Anderson, after 27 years of marriage, leaves her husband. ‘I’ve dropped hint after hint, clue after clue,’ she says in her note. Jim, a successful businessman, is clueless, but, once over his anger, he begins soul-searching with help from his children and retired dance instructor Audrey Windsor. Marilyn, meanwhile, finds a job and a roommate and begins dance lessons. Throw in a well-meaning uncle, their daughter Michele’s wedding, their sons’ questions, a demanding church deacon, a dashing dance instructor, and a hurricane, and readers will definitely come away satisfied and shedding tears at the end. Mixing fiction’s emotion and nonfiction’s teaching works splendidly here.” ―Publishers Weekly

 Dan, what inspired you to write The Dance?

The inspiration for The Dance came as I read a major best-selling book Gary Smalley had written in 2007 with his sons, Greg and Michael. It’s called The DNA of Relationships. We decided to draw the theme for the first book in our Restoration series from this DNA book. I hadn’t read it before then but, to me, it is one of the best books on relationships I’ve ever read. While reading it, the whole story for The Dance came into view. They use the idea of couples dancing as a wonderful metaphor to illustrate some of the key relational truths in the book. 
Yes, Dan, a wonderful book! My counselor husband uses this resource in sessions. So thrilled that you've teamed up with Gary Smalley to extend the message of this book in yet another format. When Chuck and I took up dancing after we entered the empty nest, we discovered very quickly who was leading and who was following! Yikes! Revealed some stuff about our marital roles as well. An added perk: Dancing actually encouraged us to look into each other's eyes. For a female, it doesn't get much better than that. :)  
What is one fun thing my readers might not know about you?

That I spent my high school years as a long-haired surfer bum. I lived a few blocks from the beach, wore baggies and flip-flops to school everyday (even wore these under my graduation gown at my high school graduation). I didn't get a haircut from 10th grade till a year out of high school (my pony tail reached down my back to my beltline). Oddly enough, God used the original Jaws movie to interrupt all this. I had seen too many sharks out in the water before seeing this movie. After, I kept seeing them even when they weren't there (worse, I'd hear that terrible Jaws theme playing in my head).

Haha! And a comedian, too. :) I'm sure you have gleaned lots of writing fodder from your past adventures! 
Great to have you share with my readers today, Dan!
For more information about Dan and his books, check out the following locations.
On Dan's website, you'll find 1-click buttons to interact with him on places like Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Pinterest. http://danwalshbooks.com 
Ooh, and that's not all! Dan is giving away a signed copy of his new release, The Dance! So leave a comment to enter the drawing.  


chaplaindebbie said...

Hello Mr. Walsh! Your book sounds quite interesting. Please enter me in the drawing. I've yet to read any of your books, but would love to.
And I totally believe you when you said all that stuff about your surfer bum days...you still have a bit of an impish grin about you. ;)
God bless.

Judy said...

Ahh yes, the days of the surfer long haired flip flops of the past. How I remember them well! This book sounds so good and one I should read as well as my husband. We are going through a marriage series at our church right now. Our Pastor felt God's nudging because we have several marriages failing right now. He is hammering us with God's much needed truth to WAKE us all up!
I would love to win a copy of, The Dance.
Judy B

Brenda Nelson said...

I've read a couple of Dan Walsh books and have enjoyed them. Real to life. The Reunion is a favorite. I'm glad to have found his books. This new book with Gary Smalley sounds interesting.

Brenda Nelson said...

I've enjoyed author Dan Walsh's books. I like how they have twists and turns like real life. Not predictable. The new book with Gary Smalley looks interesting.

Dan Walsh said...

Debbie...impish grin? Guess that's one way to describe it. Still love the beach but don't surf any more.

Paula Mowery said...

My husband is a pastor, and the majority of his days recently has been counseling married couples in crisis. So many of their stories are similar to The Dance blurb - married several years and then one decides forget it or sees supposed "greener grass" elsewhere. How we need to continue to "dance" with our spouses to God's tune.
Please enter me to get a copy of this book. Sounds great.

Dan Walsh said...

Judy, tell your husband not to let the cover stop him (thought it looks like it's more for women). Gary and I wrote it with more of a 50/50 focus, not slanted towards the wives.

Dan Walsh said...

Paula, Gary and I wrote this, often drawing from the very thing you're speaking about. He's been counseling couples for over 35 years; I was a pastor for 25 (smaller church, so I spent a lot of time in counseling).

Eileen Rife said...

Come on down, Judy! You're the winner of The Dance!

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