Thursday, September 12, 2013

At what cost, power?

Twin brothers, yet total opposites. Concerned about the decrease of polar bears in the Arctic, journalist Thomas Asher plans a trip he never takes. Billionaire investor with the ability to mesmerize an audience, Jude Asher seeks a Senate seat no matter the price. After all, “the end justifies the means” according to Jude. When Thomas reluctantly joins Jude’s campaign, the past comes back to haunt him. A past that involved mysterious forces at play in Jude’s life and that still orchestrate events in the present. This odd phenomenon sends Thomas on a quest for answers which leads him to a remote mountain area in Montana. All the while, Jude powers his way to the top, but at what cost?

In Jude, Jeff Nesbit writes a chilling account of what can happen when a human driven by demonic powers is left unchecked. Written with simplicity and clarity, Nesbit delivers a compelling story dealing with complex current issues and a clarion call concerning future events.

I would have enjoyed more action over the predominant back story and narrative, but overall, the book lived up to its promise. Reading groups: Pick this one up! Jude offers much to ponder!  

Release date: September 20! Pre-order

About Jeff Nesbit

Jeff Nesbit has written 19 inspirational novels with Tyndale, Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, Guideposts, Summerside Press, David C. Cook, Hodder & Stoughton, Harold Shaw (part of Random House) and Victor Books. In addition, he writes a regular science and technology blog for U.S. News & World Report called "At the Edge" for the magazine's News section, which is also available through TechMediaNetwork.

Nesbit was a senior public affairs official in the U.S. Senate and federal agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration; a national journalist with Knight-Ridder and others; head of a strategic communications consulting firm for more than a decade; director of communications for former Vice President Dan Quayle at the White house; and the director of legislative and public affairs at the National Science Foundation from 2006-2011.

Ramona Tucker and Nesbit co-founded OakTara Publishers, an inspirational fiction publishing house, in 2006 to encourage new writers and bring out-of-print works from established authors back into the marketplace. OakTara has published 300-plus titles since then.

His latest novel, JUDE, will be published by David C. Cook on Sept. 20, 2013. It’s available for pre-order now. Emperor gods have ruled the earth only one time before in modern history - during the time of Jesus. The rise of Christianity ended their reign as emperor gods more than two centuries later, and none have appeared since. So is it possible for an emperor god to rise again? JUDE explores that question: "A man rises to the pinnacle of earthly wealth, fame, and power by calling on demonic powers; his twin's opposing path brings him into direct conflict," the publisher says of the novel. His two previous novels in 2011 and 2012 —PEACE/Summerside Press and OIL/Guideposts—looked at what might happen if Israel decides to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

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