Friday, October 17, 2014

I Met a Man Today

I met a man today. “Mam, could you spare fifty cents?” I hurried on to my car, somewhat angry that he had seen the ten dollar bill I was holding as I exited the dry cleaning store. As I slammed the car door, I looked behind me and the scraggly, stooped over man was nowhere to be seen.

Could it have been Jesus? An angel? How could the skinny man have disappeared so quickly?

I immediately felt remorse. No matter that as a woman alone in a parking lot I probably shouldn’t stop and talk with a strange man. No matter that he might have assaulted me, grabbed my purse while I rummaged through it, or abducted me. No amount of rationalization would comfort my tormented thoughts as I pulled out of the parking lot and drove down the road.

Tears formed in my eyes and crept down my cheeks. “I’m sorry, Jesus. Was that You? Was that a divine appointment for my day? What would You have done? Were You hungry and I refused to feed you, simply muttering, ‘No Sir’, and hurrying on my way? Please forgive me. I was angry, afraid.”

I met a man today then simply went on my way. But I will always wonder.


Linda Glaz said...

Not to worry, He will give you more opportunities! :)

Eileen Rife said...

So true, Linda. So true. :)

Eileen Rife said...

I revisited this post when I saw it pop up on my "stats" page. Sure enough, God has granted other opportunities, two within a day of each other. I responded with what I had at the time. A few days later, God surprised my husband and me with a hugs monetary gift.

Could it be related? I tend to think so. Humbled my heart since I gave so little, but what I had at the time, and God gave back so much.

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