Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Too Good to Be True . . .

Too good to be true . . .

Another giveaway!

A long-buried secret.
An unexpected encounter.
A quest for answers.

Celeste Tatem, a special-education teacher at The Brighton Center in Schreiber, Indiana, couldn’t be more in love with her husband, Joe. But the memory of one day in the past haunts her, threatening their relationship. When Joe dies in a factory explosion, she sinks into depression.

It will take the arrival of a new student, Lily, and her delightful honesty, laughter, and joy at life’s little things to awaken Celeste to hope. When Don, an old flame from college, reenters Celeste’s world, the flickers of love stir once again, and startling questions arise. Questions that threaten to rip the veneer off of her carefully guarded secret. Then the most unexpected thing of all happens….

A story of love and forgiveness
in the most unexpected places.

Recently, Laughing with Lily received a 5-star review from a reader in Texas:

"Read this book and you will experience a whole range of emotions through the written words of Eileen Rife. Reading this book would be a gift you give to yourself. Reading Laughing With Lily is a lesson in grief, forgiveness and love. It's a book that will stay in your heart long after you've finished reading it. I actually read this aloud to my husband and we talked. My Joe and me. It opened doors I thought were long shut, unlocked a long-held secret. All thanks to this one book. Others have given a synopsis so let me just say that Laughing with Lily will grab hold of your heart and not let go, you'll grin and then you'll tear up, and I bet you'll murmur an oh wow or two! SO well written that I'd give 10 stars if I could."

Looking for an entertaining and meaningful read? Leave a comment and enter to win an ebook copy of Laughing with Lily! Winner announced on April 15.  

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