Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Losing a Baby

It's a topic few of us like to talk about, let alone write about. Losing a baby shouldn't happen, yet for many, it does. I was one of those women who was left with empty arms and aching heart.

Through my struggle, I journaled my thoughts and feelings. For myself. And later for others who might find comfort in my words. 

What resulted was a small gift book titled Jesus, Hold My Little One: Healing Prayers for Women Who Have Lost a Baby. 

Based on my journal entries, I penned a collection of genuine, heartfelt prayers that promote healing after the loss of a baby. In the great tradition of the Psalms, I crafted prayers with which every grieving mother can identify: prayers that express shock, denial, anger, guilt, confusion, uncertainty, ultimately leading to acceptance, trust, and wholeness. Also included are prayers for the woman’s husband, other children, extended family, church family, neighbors, and doctor. Since faith shines the brightest in times of testing, underneath each prayer of struggle flows an undercurrent of abiding hope, worship, and surrender to God’s plan and purposes.

Have you or someone you know lost a baby? Perhaps this gift book might offer some hope and healing. Check it out at the following locations:

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