Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Grandchildren

The end of an era is upon me, and I feel sad. Happy, but sad. Happy for the rich memories accumulated in the last year and a half as Chuck and I have housed missionary family. What a treat, and what a treasure to have children who love and serve the Lord around the world!

But with that comes the painful separation times. But with that also comes the wonderful "Welcome Back" times. 

How much we've packed into this past year . . . 

Grandkid Circus with Grandma
Backyard fun
Dress up
Tea parties
Box creations
Beach reunion
Museum trips
Drawing together
Hide & Seek
Pumpkin carving
Home schooling
Christmas decorating
Yard sale lemonade stands
Pillow fights
Cousin joy

And funny sayings from the mouth of the grandkids. Gabe alone has provided me with close to 130 unique quips! Here are a few . . .

Gabriel and Daddy were shopping in Walmart when an old lady came up and started oohing and aahing over Gabe. Then she turned her attention to Matt and struck up a conversation. She said her goodbyes then walked away.

Gabe looked up at Daddy: "Hey, I was still talking to her!


Gabe loves to make up stories. The other day, I asked him: "Now Gabe, is this a true story?" "No," he replied. "It's a lie story.


On the way to church yesterday, Gabe sat in the backseat holding an open testament, going on at a great rate. "For the strength of the power of the Lord, in the banana, of the discipleness of the Lord. Acts 1:8a, and the lion ate his face, and in the love and thankfulness of the Lord. And I will demand you to my father's mother, and ankle bites. The End. Can I take this book inside?" 


While helping me trim the yard, Gabe (3) said, "I'm a strong man, Grandma. And I'm a patient man. And sometimes, I'm a rude man." 

Well, that's just a few of the things Gabe has said over the past year and a half. I sure will miss all his cute antics, but I'm so glad I took the time to write down the stuff that comes out of his mouth.

Life is full, and I'm so blessed to be a grandmommy! Even when it means saying goodbye. I'll always treasure the fun times we've shared and pull out all those cute sayings now and again to encourage my heart and bring a smile and a chuckle. 

Perhaps you'd like to join in! If so, my kid quip book, Out of the Mouth of Gabe, would make a wonderful gift for the mom or dad in your life. And for you! Check it out at the following location:


Monday, June 15, 2015

December Sunrise Book Launch! FREE BOOK!

A little girl’s Christmas wish comes at a high cost.

Emma’s Christmas list isn’t like other kids’. Instead of toys, she wants her mama’s cancer to go away, the town to stop arguing over the Ten Commandments, and nice Mr. Whitmire to reunite with his estranged daughter. Grandma Doreen holds the key to a family secret that just might fulfill some of Emma’s desires, but not before tragedy strikes.

A young girl’s heart for helping takes her to a dark place only the Light of Christmas can illumine. 


When the Sandy Hook shootings occurred in December, 2012, I thought, How could I craft a story that might encourage parents? The answer came when I decided to write December Sunrise from the viewpoint of a deceased child. My goal was to offer hope in a beautiful world beyond where murdered children frolicked and laughed and prayed for their families on earth. 

As I brainstormed the plot, I wondered what secondary issue I could introduce that would divide a small, southern town. It suddenly occurred to me that the town in which I grew up had experienced such a thing a few years ago, and thus Mr. Whitmire and the conflict over the Ten Commandments was birthed. 

My prayer is that families will read and discuss this story together. In an age where so many of us are caught up with Facebook, individual computer games, and television, what a refreshing thought to imagine families huddled together reading and processing various life issues. Even the very young have wisdom to offer.

I also pray that church leaders and Christian teachers and parents will renew their passion to not only train children/teens about what to believe but also why they believe what they believe. This is crucial if we hope to see the next generation carry Christ to the world. 

Stop by my event page and enter to win a copy! Winner announced on Friday, June 19.


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