Sunday, May 25, 2008

For God's Sake, REST!

I curl up on my cot and pull out one of the books Nathan ordered for me to bring over. I like the title, For God's Sake, REST! by James Anderson.

India isn't your typical vacation spot, but in some ways, I feel as though I had to come here to get some rest! Life is indeed richly full--classes to teach, books to write, wedding to plan. As fulfilling as all these activities are, sometimes I need to step off the speeding train and take a rest at the junction.

For God's Sake, REST! Discovering the Pleasure of His Rest, is a good reminder that God delights in the rest of His people. Rest is a gift from God and a gift I give back to God as a way to honor Him and show that I trust in Him.

God rested after creation, not because He was tired, but because he wanted to bring closure to His work. Part of that closure included reflection. His response: It is very good! Even at the end of each day of creation, He brought closure to His work by saying, It is good! "He had the power to cease His work. He controlled His work; His work did not control Him," says Anderson.

Anderson goes on to say, If my life is going to clearly reflect the image of God, I am going to have to learn how to rest. In American culture, and in many others as well, many of us live as though work is the only way to please God. We're constantly on the go and feel guilty when we are not. Part of living a holy life before God is learning to rest, for it is rest that actually increases our productivity for God.

I especially like this line by Anderson:

As parents and grandparents take pleasure in their sleeping children, so God takes pleasure in our rest.

I have only read a couple chapters, but this book looks to be one which will provoke new thought and consideration as I pull aside from my normal routine for a few weeks, and REST!

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Sharron Hearne said...

Wow! I really enjoyed your book! I read it over the Memorial Day weekend as we traveled to visit relatives including my cousin who was a missionary in Bolivia for over 30 years. It was a real blessing hearing what God has done and is doing in their lives. Hope you have a wonderful visit with Nathan, Rachel and Rebecah. Tell them hello for us and we send our love and prayers!


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