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(formerly Laughing with Lily, same story with new title and cover)

 An unexpected encounter with a person from her past launches a special education teacher on a quest for answers.

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A little girl's Christmas wish comes at a high cost. 

 Spanning from Genesis to Revelation, Breathe Deeply God's Grace, encourages readers to apply God's saving and sustaining grace to their everyday lives. Each vignette includes scripture, thoughts, and prayer.

Each vignette helps the married couple enhance their sexual pleasure. Includes helpful quotes, scriptures, thoughts, and questions.

Ladies, feeling harried and hurried? Apply these four areas to your life and experience some much-needed rejuvenation. Includes tips from women around the world!

Have you or someone you know lost a baby? Drawing from her own experience, Eileen uses prayers to help women heal after the loss of a child. 

Kenzie Gunter, new missionary kid in India, wants a friend but finds one in short supply. When an Indian family with a nine-year-old girl moves into the house next door, Kenzie urges her mom to make an introduction. But friendship in a foreign land proves to be a challenge. That doesn't stop Kenzie, however. Her humorous and sometimes dangerous attempts to connect with her neighbor keep the adventures coming . . . and the surprises!

Along with 25 contributors, Eileen cracks the door to the whimsical yet often wise world of the wee ones via cute and inspirational kid quips.

Through a combination of scriptural insights, the Rife's personal grief journey, and Chuck's counseling expertise, When Mourning Comes explains the grieving process in light of a variety of grief issues and offers hope for living through loss. (Please disregard the incorrect book blurb given by Amazon).

 Loni Parker, a music major struggling to find employment, seeks refuge at Camp Hope only to encounter the man who took her sight.

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