Sunday, May 25, 2008

Koo, Koo for Coconut!

On the way home from grocery shopping, Nathan pulls the van over to the side of the road.

"Want some coconut water?" he asks, one foot inside the vehicle, the other anchored on the ground.

"Why not?" I reply. I remember our family trip to Madras in 1996 when it seemed like everytime we turned around someone was handing us a coconut. Just when we were growing weary of the drink, one Indian mentioned that the water helps form healthy bacteria in the intestines. From then on, I said, "Give me more!"

Nathan pulls out some rupees at the roadside stand (not exactly Sonic) and hands them to the Indian who stands behind the makeshift table piled with green coconuts. Another man behind him grabs a coconut. With a machete he lops off the top, punches a hole, and inserts a straw. He repeats the performance a second time. For 50 cents, Nathan and I have a refreshing drink. Yes, I actually like it, and so does Rebekah it appears. She sits in her car seat in the back begging for a taste.

Nathan tells me that the perfect blend of electrolytes in coconut water replenishes the body better than any sports drink. He routinely enjoys some after playing football (soccer) in the mornings with his youth group. However, he warns me not to drink more than two at a time. More than that can produce a laxative effect. Okay, I'll pass on that. Oops! No pun intended.

He also shares that coconut water is as close in composition to blood plasma as you can get. Apparently, doctors used it in IV's during WWII.

Well, all I can say is "Koo, koo for coconut!"

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