Thursday, May 29, 2008


Rachel, Rekekah, and I walk to the store while Nathan works at the seminary. As we pass by the tent family at the end of the street, a lady squatting in the dirt smiles and yells, "Papua." She is saying "baby" in Tamil. She waves and Rebekah waves back.

Rebekah is very close to Indians she knows, but wary of strange Indians she passes on the street who try to reach out for her, pinch her cheeks, and hold her. Her caution is a good thing. While many friendly faces abound, the world is a dangerous place. In fact, India is the number one country for child slavery and trafficking. Since this is one of the focal points of my third book in the "Born for India" series, I am now engaged in research. Stay tuned for more about Chosen Ones.

In the meantime, get ready for Book Two, Restored Hearts. My editor wants the manuscript by the end of June. With my daughter's wedding the end of July, I may urge her to postpone that request until August. Will see what my schedule looks like when I return from India. I was able to read back through the manuscript while flying over and plan on doing the same on the return trip to the States.

Recap of Restored Hearts

Newly weds, Gavin and Maggie Munsfield, return to life and ministry in Chennai, India which is still reeling from the recent tsunami. Gavin's brother, Tim, joins them for the cleanup and rebuilding of the compound, but Tim's dark secret threatens to destroy his relationship with his brother . . . and a promising new love.

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