Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shell Shock

Rachel stands over a hot stove and dumps shell macaroni into a pot of boiling water. She is appeasing her mother's need for American food. She and Nathan eat very little pasta, but today she prepares one of my favorites--homemade tomato sauce over macaroni.

We peer into the pot and notice tiny black bugs floating on the surface. Rachel grabs a spoon and begins fishing the critters out. Reminds me of something Stephanie's fiance, Matt, shared with me once. He's an MK from Cambodia and knows about these things. :)

During first term, when a missionary finds insects in his food, he throws the food away. During second term, he picks the bugs out and eats the food. Third term, he eats whatever's in there!

"Okay . . . y . . . y," as Rebekah would say. "Whatever!" I'm here for the ride.

Actually, once I got past the shell shock, I thoroughly enjoyed my homemade sauce and pasta lovingly prepared by my daughter.

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