Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Novel Update

I sit at the computer typing chapter three of Chosen Ones which profiles a couple experiencing infertility and a child enslaved in sex trafficking. People in crisis, yet worlds apart. As I research the topic of trafficking my heart breaks over the millions of women and children who fall prey to sex lords every year. Promised a better life, they unwittingly land in the hands of pimps who use and abuse for the almighty dollar. It sickens me to think that in our depraved world much simply comes down to money.

As with my last novel in the Born for India trilogy, I need much prayer to complete this task. I desire to be another voice of awareness for the children. I'm learning that they aren't just on the other side of the world, but perhaps right in my own backyard. And that is the most sickening thought of all.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

There truly is no place like America! I returned from India right into the open arms of my hubby. How I missed him! And his zany ways . . .

Like for instance, how he manages pest control at our home.

He uses bubble gum to plug up bee holes in our deck. I can only imagine there are several bumble bees (no, not bubble bees) flying around Roanoke blowing bubbles.

He sprinkles grits around the perimeter of our home and places a bowl of water beside it. He claims that the ants eat the grits, then drink the water and blow up! I have to chuckle. But, you know, it works!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Beautiful Women of Bethel

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to 30 women at Bethel Baptist Church. Lovely ladies with olive complexions and long dark hair down to their waists, some worn in pony tails, others in braids. A mix of modern and traditional-some wore kameez over jeans, others colorful silky sarees. I spoke on three abilities every Christian woman should embrace: availability, sensibility, and flexibility.

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking for two Mother's Day functions: one a celebration of moms at Sherwood Memorial Park with a dove release at the end and lovely harp solo. The other for Rainbow Forest.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Monkey Business!

At one point in our walk, we happen upon a family of golden-haired macaques munching on mangoes. With a full belly, the macaque in the top photo is napping. In the photo below, Mommy chews on a mango pit while her tiny baby grips her tummy.

Lal Bagh

We stroll by the lake on one side and the bougainvilla on the other. Rebekah is enjoying her new car seat while touring Bangalore's famous horticultural park. Since this is mango season, vendors line up in rows at the opening of the park, similar to a county fair in the States, and sell their produce. I had no idea how many varieties of mango there are! Must be around ten or so represented here. I've eaten mango for almost every meal since I arrived. One of my favorite dishes is mango shortcake served with Rachel's homemade biscuits.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Born for India trilogy

Currently available through online stores
Journey to Judah
One woman. One God. One passion. In an exotic culture of 7.5 million people and over 3 million gods, one woman's resolve to make the journey results in an amazing story of the Lord's protection and provision.

In editing stage
Restored Hearts
One man's secret. Another man's scorn. Will family ties be strong enough to bind two wounded hearts?

Under construction
Chosen Ones
A couple in crisis. A child with a sorrow too big for words. When their worlds intersect, will they accept His chosen ones?


Daddy's Hands

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