Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Release! Signed copies available from the author

A young man fleeing Boston with a dark secret. His missionary brother full of contempt. An Indian girl, uncertain, but longing to pursue the man she loves.

Restored Hearts, Book Two in the Born for India trilogy

One brother's dark secret
Another brother's scorn

Will family ties be strong enough to bind two wounded hearts, once the secret is revealed?

Copies now available from the author at a discount. Email eileenrife@yahoo.com.
Book will be available at online stores March 30.

What Folks are Saying

Restored Hearts is an engaging story which effectively captures the dilemma of a Christian man coming to grips with the conflict between his sexual attraction struggle and his genuine trust and faith in God. While a work of fiction, it offers hope for those engaged in this dilemma, for in the counseling sessions which Tim has with Dr. Hauser is found the sound wisdom and helpful principles necessary for resolving and managing homosexuality; and for some, preparing the way for heterosexual bonding.

Dr Bill Consiglio, Sexual Orientation Resolution Therapist (SORT) Author: Homosexual No More, Victor Books, 1991.

Restored Hearts touched my heart on so many levels. Sure, we all see destructive lifestyles in those around us--we may even have some harmful habits ourselves---but if we could look on the inside, what we'd likely find are broken hearts. Someone failed us. We've been hurt. We compensate in harmful ways.

Eileen Rife has taken a look on the dark side of life, and let God shine His Light on the touchy subject of homosexuality. It's fiction, yes, but it could be anyone's story, with all the complications it entails when it's someone close to us. Lovingly and expertly done. Full of hope. I know I'll forever see people through different eyes.

Elisabeth Hewitt Bantz, author
Secrets of the Heart series

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Nathan and Rachel Waldock said...

Yay! Looking forward to seeing it in a "real" book form. =) Congratulations!

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