Thursday, March 3, 2011


After a two-year wait, Book Three, CHOSEN ONES, in the Born for India trilogy is finally out!

CHOSEN ONES arrived on my doorstep last night. I have 30 signed copies in hand if you would like to purchase directly from me. It will take roughly three weeks for the book to get entrenched in the online system.

A couple in crisis.
A child taken captive.

Life in Chennai, India, is complicated. While Maggie and Gavin Munsfield adjust to a new baby, missionary friends, Dan and Yvonne Pratt, experience the heartbreak of infertility and miscarriage. When their lives intersect with a young girl caught up in the horrors of sex trafficking, each of them will receive a precious gift. But will they find it in their hearts to accept an outcome so different than what they expected and hoped for?

"Eileen Rife has highlighted what may be the worst human rights violation of the 21st century--human trafficking. As part of an organization that is working to stop child prostitution, I have seen countless real-life cases just as tragic as this story Eileen has told in her novel. Change the name, age, city, and country, and you have the story of millions of children who are trapped in a life of abuse. Eileen paints a tragic but true picture of a victim of forced prostitution, but also gives hope in telling of the dedicated men and women who risk their lives daily to rescue these children. I pray that all who read this book might be moved not just to tears, but to action. 'Rescue the poor and helpless; deliver them from the grasp of evil people' (Psalm 82:4)."
- Barbara Everett, Director, Destiny Rescue USA, Inc.

"Injustice. Prostitution. Sex trafficking. The brutal realities of 12.3 million people enslaved worldwide. In her new book, Chosen Ones, Eileen Rife provides a shocking portrait of a tragic and real life crime in order to bring hope and healing to those who suffer from sexual abuse."
- Dr. Tim Clinton, President of the nearly 50,000 member American Association of Christian Counselors

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