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Meet author, Judi Ann Ehresman

Judi Ann Ehresman grew up in her favorite place in the world: Indiana, USA. She married the love of her life, becoming a pastor's wife and, in time, the mother of two precious boys. Through the years she has owned and managed several businesses, but never lost the love instilled in her heart by her high school English teacher: writing.

Judi, how did you come to be a writer?

Honestly, I think I was born 'writing'. I was making up stories when I was a child and did free lance writing and loved essay assignments all through High School. In college several of my poems and essays were published and I was addicted. Through the years I've taken writing classes and attended writers conferences, but mostly I've just written and written and written. Poems, free lance articles, short stories and devotionals have been published throughout the years, but it wasn't until our children left home that I finally made the time to start writing books, three of which have been published to date, two more are completed and waiting publication at the publisher.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not writing?

Reading and gardening! And, of course, grandmothering! I love flowers and fresh vegetables and I love to read uplifting Christian fiction for relaxation, but nothing compares to spending time with our grandchildren. They are our true riches and I can't get enough of them!

Here's a sneek peek at Judi's latest three novels.

The Hand of God series

The Long Road Home (1)

A lonely settler.

An escaped slave.

They had no idea how much they would need each other . . .

Mandy Evanston didn't expect to spend five months alone in the wilds of Indiana after taking the wagon train west. But her husband, Ethan, is convinced he can make money working on the new railroad. It wouldn't be fair to hold him back, Mandy decides, so she keeps her secret close to her heart . . . until his return.

Diedre, a young slave, flees a Southern plantation when she hears that her master is going to sell her son, Jedediah. She walks north for weeks, praying that somehow God will hear the pleas of her heart to find a home . . .

A poignant story of friendship, love, and forgiveness that transcends boundaries.

On the Wings of Grace (2)

Two longing hearts.
They had no idea how much they would need each other . . .

Bess, the "mistake" of a prostitute in the largely unsettled Midwest, knew no other life growing up than the brothel, where she was raised, then taught her profession. In spite of warnings about falling in love with her customers, Bess found herself intrigued by one man who tugged at her heart, then mysteriously disappeared. Weeks later he returned to share a story so amazing that she began to wonder, Might there be a new chance even for someone like me?

Robert Sheldon agonizes as he watches polio slowly take its toll on his beautiful wife, Anita. He has his hands full with an invalid, four energetic children, and a farmhouse and desperately needs help. But might his help come in a completely differentt way than he expects--on the wings of grace?

A poignant story of redemption that transcends the boundaries of ordinary love.

Where Two Agree (3)

Two slaves, separated by a cruel master.
Their hearts' desire--to find each other again.

Deidre, a runaway slave, and her son, Jedediah, are thankful for their new life with Ethan and Mandy Evanston, who treat them as treasured family members. But memories of her beloved Jeremiah, sold away from her, fill her heart with anguish.

Jeremiah has been offered a document of freedom--and wages that could buy his family from slavery--if he chooses to stay at Rose Hill Plantation. When kind Mr. Wally takes deathly ill, Miss Sue Ellen and the children desperately need Jeremiah. But what about his own dreams?

As Deidre and Jeremiah cling to their hopes for a someday world that won't see the color of their skin, might God's promise come true: that where two agree, all things are possible?

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