Friday, September 23, 2011

Capture the moment?

Two fawns loped through our front yard this morning. Playful, yet gaze keen as sheets of rain sliced the grey sky. According to granddaughter, Rebekah, deer in rain qualifies these gentle creatures as reindeer.

I chose not to retrieve my digital camera. Seems I run too much to capture the moment for all posterity and lose the moment at hand. It occurred to me that life comprises many such moments, stringing together a long line of worthwhile and precious God touches. Why hurry to capture one when another is on its heels?

Still, on further contemplation, it would be nice to have my own personal pic to accompany this random musing. As it was, I had to go digging . . .

And this is what I came up with. Not quite a fawn, is it? Uh, more like a bunny. . .

Well, there was one moment captured.

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Over Yonder said...

Hey I just found your blog when I discovered the NEXT button after doing an entry. How sweet. I also love to take lots of photos but lately find myself trying to catch more memories"in my head" as I have found myself taking too many pictures as opposed to experiencing the moment. Oh and I am a homeschool mom too!