Tuesday, September 20, 2011

His Glory through Me

My 'Date with Jesus' this morning took me to Exodus 34:30 as I continue to walk with the children of Israel through the wilderness.

"So when Aaron and all the sons of Israel saw Moses, behold, the skin of his face shone, and they were afraid to come near him."

Moses had spent time with God on Mount Sinai as he received the Ten Commandments from His hand. When he came off the mountain, the people noticed that his skin glowed with the glory of God.

My take-away: Am I spending enough time in God's presence to reflect His glory to others? Will they be moved to reverence the LORD by my demeanor? Will they be prompted to bow the knee to Him? Will they see His delight etched on my face?

Dorothy Sayers noted that "Where Christ is, cheerfulness will keep breaking in."

Father, Thank you that Christ lives within me through the Holy Spirit. Break in with your cheerfulness today, in the midst of the rain outside, the wilderness of continuing real estate concerns, and pressing deadlines. May all I come in contact with, sense Your glory reflected through me.


life just saying said...

Just found your blog today. Loved the post and the prayer. Spent the last year in a wilderness I never dreamed I would be in. I have a heart to help others in their journeys too. I appreciate your blog.

Eileen Rife said...

God will use you, "Life just saying" :) to speak into other lives encountering the wilderness. God give you grace and peace as a minister of reconciliation.

So cool how God affirms His message to our hearts. The day I wrote this post, I clicked onto my email and found a newsletter from another Christian worker friend. He shared the same scripture with similar takeaway.

Then this morning, another young gal on FB alluded to the same passage and takeaway.

Leaning in closer to listen to God's heart for me today.

God bless you!

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