Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today's the Day! Amazon BOOK BLITZ for Second Chance!

Today's the day, readers! Will you help me launch my new release, Second Chance?


The more folks who purchase a copy today, the higher Second Chance will rise in the sales rank, which means more people will come in contact with the book. Which means more potential readers of my message.

Book blurb: An empty nest mom wants the life back in her marriage. A teen from the projects just wants a life. Could they be the answer to each other's dream?

Bonus features:
The 21 Day Romance Challenge for married couples
Song of Solomon Bible study for women's groups

You get two books in one!

Themes addressed in Second Chance:

Love between a husband and wife
Love between Christ and the believer
Forgiveness (especially between father and child)
Empty nest
Purpose in the second half of life
Volunteer work
Unplanned pregnancy

A portion of proceeds goes to support Straight Street, a Christian inner city teen ministry that reaches out to lost and hurting teens with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Reader feedback:

“Gently unfolds the truth that sometimes, the best is yet to come, from unexpected people, and places, and hearts.”
—Sandra Byrd, author of To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn

“Transcends race and reaches the extremes—from suburbia to the ghetto, from guilt over a loved one’s murder to a marriage gone dull. With a dash of humor for balance, Second Chance will speak to your heart, no matter your station in life.”
—April W. Gardner, author of the Creek Country Saga; Sr. Editor of the literary site, Clash of the Titles

“Refreshing and thought-provoking.”
—Jennifer Slattery of Novel Reviews and Clash of the Titles

“Transports readers into the worlds of two very diverse characters. With laughter, tears, and sighs, you’ll enjoy every turn of the page.”
—Fay Lamb, author of Because of Me, Treble Heart Books

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to visit and help me launch Second Chance!

Another way you can help: Spread the word on your FB pages! Thanks so much!

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