Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Second Chance book giveaway

My latest novel, Second Chance, is all about, well, second chances  :).

God gives Mave a chance to breathe new life into her stale marriage in the second half of life.

God gives Dareece a chance to leave gang life and drug dealing, once and for all.

After twenty years of homeschooling, God gave me a fresh platform for sharing Him with others in my second half of life.

What about you?

Has God provided a second chance somewhere along the way?

Share your "second chance" with my readers and automatically enter to win a complimentary copy of my book, SECOND CHANCE. Winner announced on June 25.

Singalong with Grandpa and Grandma: More Long Distance Grandparenting ideas

More long distance grandparenting ideas . . .

With all the tech tools available these days, communicating with our grandchildren has never been easier. My youngest daughter, Stephanie, plans to burn the videos onto CD and take them on their upcoming flight to Thailand and Cambodia. Prayerfully, this will keep twenty-month-old Gabriel occupied for a while. :)

Leaving a Legacy in Words & Pictures

When our three daughters were babies, we began a book of letters for each of them to be presented on graduation day. Each year we pulled out the scrapbook and wrote a new letter detailing how they had grown, projects they were involved in, and words of wisdom we wanted to impart to them. Each entry also included an age appropriate picture of them with friends or family.

To add to the remembrance book, we asked the children’s grandparents to write a letter to each granddaughter to share bits of advice with them and lessons they had learned in life. We placed this in the book along with a picture of each grandparent.

Later, we asked each grandparent if we could videotape them telling us about their growing up years, education, testimony, romance, marriage, and ministry. We even did this with Chuck’s grandmother, which would be our children’s great-grandmother. My, the stories she had to share! Now that she is gone, as well as all four grandparents, the letters and videos are all the more meaningful.

Recording the grandparents’ words through letters and media has been one of the most beneficial ways we have preserved our family heritage, and it’s easy to do. When we think of our parents’ contribution in our children’s lives, we are reminded of a verse from the Bible found in Hebrews 11:4, “. . . . and by faith Abel still speaks, even though he is dead.”

Words spoken or written have the power to speak to a young person’s heart long after the family member is dead. In this way, memories are kept alive and stories and lessons are passed down from one generation to another.

Monday, May 7, 2012

God's Good Gifts

God's good gifts on Saturday during the Valley Reading Day in Hagerstown, MD

1. Meeting other ACFW Mid-Atlantic authors. God teamed me up at the same book table with Jeanette Windle, a missionary kid, now grown and still involved in missionary work. Her novels reflect her passion for world outreach. Thus, we shared a similar heartbeat through our family background and writings.

2. A delightful mother/daughter time with Michelle. She and her husband, Jonathan, work with Straight Street, a Roanoke inner city teen ministry which inspired my latest novel, Second Chance.

3. I met Angela, a sister in Christ, still grieving the death of her father and brother. We shared through tears and connected heart-to-heart. A touching sideline to our time together: Each author provided a gift basket as a giveaway. Out of all the tickets turned in for the drawing, Angela's number was called, and the MC handed her a basket, not realizing he had given her mine. She was so excited when she stopped by my table to tell me she'd received my basket.

4. I met Jane and Mark, also believers in Christ, who are reaching out to their teen neighbors and needed prayer and advice. Michelle and I provided some resource tips and prayed with them.

What a joy--touching lives! One of God's good gifts!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thank You, Jesus

Father, on this National Day of Prayer, I could ask you for many things. Instead, I thank you for many things.

Thank you for Jesus, my Savior and Lord.

Thank you for hearing my heart's cry--every day!

Thank you for being faithful God.

Thank you for providing all my needs.

Thank you for a family who loves you and serves you.

Thank you for a country where freedom still rings.

Thank you for moving your people to respond to the needs of a hurting and lost world.

Thank you for a husband who cares for me and makes me laugh.

Thank you for home and hearth and good food to eat.

Thank you for the birds singing outside.

Thank you for the clothes thumping around in the dryer as I type.

Thank you for health and strength to do the work you've given me to do.

Thank you for the spring green and blossoms dotting the landscape.

Thank you for a church family who lifts me up in prayer.

Thank you for the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for eternal life!

Thank you for always wooing me back home.

Thank you for giving me a platform to share your love and forgiveness.

Thank you for access to your throneroom--24/7.

Thank you for sweet sleep.

Thank you for your Word, a light to my path.

Thank you for good books and good friends, and that sometimes, those two are the same.

Thank you for calling me by name.

Thank you that heaven awaits!

Thank you that I can continue thanking you long after I quit typing . . . .

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Washington County Reading Day! Meet the Authors

If you're in the area, stop by Valley Mall in Hagerstown, MD between 10 am and 1 pm this Saturday, May 5! Gift Basket Giveaways! Signed books by the authors mentioned in the poster above.

We'd love to meet you!

The End of One Story, the Beginning of Another

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