Monday, May 7, 2012

God's Good Gifts

God's good gifts on Saturday during the Valley Reading Day in Hagerstown, MD

1. Meeting other ACFW Mid-Atlantic authors. God teamed me up at the same book table with Jeanette Windle, a missionary kid, now grown and still involved in missionary work. Her novels reflect her passion for world outreach. Thus, we shared a similar heartbeat through our family background and writings.

2. A delightful mother/daughter time with Michelle. She and her husband, Jonathan, work with Straight Street, a Roanoke inner city teen ministry which inspired my latest novel, Second Chance.

3. I met Angela, a sister in Christ, still grieving the death of her father and brother. We shared through tears and connected heart-to-heart. A touching sideline to our time together: Each author provided a gift basket as a giveaway. Out of all the tickets turned in for the drawing, Angela's number was called, and the MC handed her a basket, not realizing he had given her mine. She was so excited when she stopped by my table to tell me she'd received my basket.

4. I met Jane and Mark, also believers in Christ, who are reaching out to their teen neighbors and needed prayer and advice. Michelle and I provided some resource tips and prayed with them.

What a joy--touching lives! One of God's good gifts!

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