Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thank You, Jesus

Father, on this National Day of Prayer, I could ask you for many things. Instead, I thank you for many things.

Thank you for Jesus, my Savior and Lord.

Thank you for hearing my heart's cry--every day!

Thank you for being faithful God.

Thank you for providing all my needs.

Thank you for a family who loves you and serves you.

Thank you for a country where freedom still rings.

Thank you for moving your people to respond to the needs of a hurting and lost world.

Thank you for a husband who cares for me and makes me laugh.

Thank you for home and hearth and good food to eat.

Thank you for the birds singing outside.

Thank you for the clothes thumping around in the dryer as I type.

Thank you for health and strength to do the work you've given me to do.

Thank you for the spring green and blossoms dotting the landscape.

Thank you for a church family who lifts me up in prayer.

Thank you for the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for eternal life!

Thank you for always wooing me back home.

Thank you for giving me a platform to share your love and forgiveness.

Thank you for access to your throneroom--24/7.

Thank you for sweet sleep.

Thank you for your Word, a light to my path.

Thank you for good books and good friends, and that sometimes, those two are the same.

Thank you for calling me by name.

Thank you that heaven awaits!

Thank you that I can continue thanking you long after I quit typing . . . .


RabbleRowser said...

Awesome! Thank YOU!

Eileen Rife said...

Such a joy to come into His presence!

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