Monday, July 16, 2012

Motors, Mice, and Modems

Ah, motors, mice, and modems!

Last week was a doozy! Got in the car to go to Ohio for a family wedding and the car wouldn't start. So, seven of us, including three young grandchildren, piled into the Kramm van (pun intended :)

Given the extreme heat and grandchildren ailments (one hot with fever, and the other dealing with a foot infection on return from Cambodia), we all fared pretty well.

After celebrating with Ben and Casey during their sweet and meaningful wedding and reception, we headed back to Virginia. 

Monday morning, I woke up to a computer malfunction. My six-year old tower, weary and worn, died. Thankfully, my wonderful tech who makes house calls suggested some good buys on computers. So off I headed to Staples and picked out my new HP Pavilion with Windows 7. 
On Friday, husband Chuck and I finalized the deal on a 2007 Chevy Cobalt.
All this new stuff--thank you, Lord, for providing for our needs--provoked some much-needed cleaning. Both our computer table and desk were so piled with stuff that we couldn't see the surface. 
This morning, I pulled out some more books, folders, and promotional materials from a shelf and noticed mice droppings/shreds of paper. Ugh! More cleaning.  Thankfully, the vacuum that needed work got fixed and functioned well for the clean-up job.
Of course, one corner leads to another, and another, and another. 
Happily, my dear husband jumped on board Saturday and cleaned out file cabinets (his forte'). 
Now, our office is looking better than ever!
What a way to celebrate 36 years of marriage this month . . . 
with motors, mice, and modems. 

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