Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Memorable Camp Story

Hello, Mauder. Hello, Fauder. Here I am, at Camp Granauder . . .

Almost every kid at some point in his life attends summer camp. How 'bout you? Were you one of those lucky kids?

I was. But then my situation might have been somewhat unique. I grew up in Christian camping ministry. Every summer, my home missionary father worked at the place he helped build--Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go--in the lush mountains of East Tennessee.

Currently, I'm in a place in my writing that many authors love--brainstorming a new plot idea!

As I consider possible scenarios, it seems I keep working my way back through my life. If I keep this up, I'll be in the womb before long. Then, maybe I'll write a sci fi.

Not likely.

For now, my thoughts center around a contemporary romance four-book series set in fictional Camp Hope in the North Carolina mountains. Title: Seasons of Hope

Book one: Spring Awakening where I introduce my main characters, Loni and Michael.

Blurb: A blind woman seeks refuge at Camp Hope, only to encounter the man who took her sight.

I'm excited about the slate of characters I've imagined for this new series--from the geeky to the sage. And of course, there'll be horses, zip line, go-carts, swimming, and practical jokes . . .

That's where you come in, dear reader. If you have a memorable camp story that lingers in your mind years after the event, I want to hear from you!

A meaningful spiritual experience
A child you led to the Lord
A practical joke you played on someone, or someone played on you
A lesson you learned 
A friendship developed
An unusual experience

Who knows? Your story might appear in one of the books, with names changed and situation altered just a bit, most likely. And of course, with your permission.

So, if you'd like to share your most memorable camp experience with me, leave a comment.

I'll even sweeten the deal by awarding the three BEST entries with a book of your choice from the following selections:

Chosen Ones
Second Chance
Tranquil Moments

Can't wait to read your camp story! 


Diane Dean White said...

Does this involve a horse? :) I love your trailer, and the book SECOND CHANCES looks good, Eileen.

I was a camp counselor for several summers for our church camp, and it was a blast,but also worked with some tough little campers. It sounds like a good idea and interesting book.:)


Eileen Rife said...

Thanks for stopping by, Diane! Yes, most likely the story will involve a horse(s) in some form or fashion.

Any particular stories you can relate concerning your time as a counselor?

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