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12 Days of Christmas Story-telling Tour:Day Three

Continuing on with the “12 Days of Christmas story-telling” blog tour with Marilynn Dawson
Day three

In a Land, Far, Far away. . . But Closer than Any of Us Realize. . . the Following Story Continued. . .

The Crown Prince noticed lacerations peeking out from under the tattered sleeve of her dress.  He was about to ask permission to heal them when she caught his gaze and quickly covered them up! 

“My Lady,” He began softly, “If you will let me, I can heal those too. . .”

She opened her mouth to answer just as rocks began to land around them.  The Crown Prince jumped to his feet, observing with one sweep of his eyes that the townsfolk had come out of the city pelting rocks at them!  Sensing the danger, Swift Wind quickly advanced and the Prince swung the young lady onto the horse before climbing on himself.  Quickly he spun the horse around and galloped out of sight.

Now the young lady was quite puzzled as to who this man was.  As they rode along, she tried to put the pieces of her day together.  Was she dreaming?  Could this really be happening?  Why would a complete stranger do all these things for her?

“Maria, you are worth too much to let them kill you back there.”

Startled, she straightened up, “You know my name?  How is it you know my name?”

“I know the names of all my countrymen, Maria.”  Finally a good distance away from town, the Crown Prince spotted a spring in the distance. “Let us head for that spring and relax for a bit.”

Dismounting both himself and the young lady, he walked Swift Wind to the edge of the pool and sat down to rest.  Maria walked to its edge, and after satiating her thirst, turned to the Crown Prince.

“Who are you, and what do you want with me?!”

The Crown Prince smiled as he played with a stick in the grass.  “You honestly don't know who has rescued you. . .”  Maria shook her head.  “Maria, I am the Crown Prince, I gave you that robe when you first accepted my offer of salvation from the dark ones.”

Maria's jaw dropped!  Suddenly she was even more ashamed of her state, and especially of the once beautiful robe that hung stained and torn around her.  Tears began to fall as she replied, “But my Prince, can you not see how I have soiled your robe?  I am not fit for your Kingdom, least of all for your attention to my wounds.”

At this the Crown Prince got up and walked over to her with the kindest, warmest, most disarming eyes she'd ever seen.  “Maria, I died for you, and now I have chosen you as my Bride.  I love you more than any peasant male ever will and I long to make you whole again and present you to my Father.  There is only one thing I ask of you.”

Maria's face fell even more as she wiped a tear from her cheek.

“All I ask is that you surrender to my touch.  Let me see every part of your body that has been harmed and let me heal it.  Let me mend your robe and make it new again.  It may mean some changes in how you look after yourself, perhaps changes in how you interact with fellow peasants on the road or in town, but please. . . Let me do this.  Let me make you whole again.”

Maria sank into the grass realizing the weight of the Crown Prince's request.  The thought of being whole appealed to her, but His request meant that she had to let Him into every area of her life!  Her head dropped into her hands as she struggled and fought between receiving healing and becoming vulnerable. 

When she looked up again, Swift Wind was resting on the ground near a tree.  The Crown Prince was standing in front of her with his arms outstretched.  Once again she saw the purest and deepest love she'd ever seen in His eyes.  She stood up, reached out for his hands, lowered her head and nodded.  Her shaking form showed the Prince just how scared she was of the coming period of healing and restoration, but her submission to His hand made Him smile.  He gathered her to Himself and held her close for a while.  

*  *  *


Marilynn grew up in a solid Christian home, coming to Christ at the age of 7. She has been actively involved in Church life since age 10, including activities such as joining her Mom and sister in singing special numbers, choir, teaching Sunday School, leading Sunday School open session, planning Sunday School lessons, and more. Marilynn attended both public and private schools growing up. She attended North Island Community College on Vancouver Island and Trend College in Kelowna, obtaining certificates in receptionist work and Comptia A+ computer repair.

Throughout her life, Marilynn has written poetry and published a few of them in the American Poetry Anthology (two issues). She currently does freelance work for a technical blog in Alberta. She's also written numerous unpublished articles on end-time eschatology and the news, written unpublished short stories, word studies and more. Marilynn lives with her two teenagers, cat and gerbils, in Kelowna BC Canada. Her day job sees her fix computers, program cash registers, and engage in multimedia for her church. In the evenings and on weekends she's a soundtech helping with various events through the year from funerals to workshops to concerts and weddings. Marilynn sings in the choir, holding down the tenor section, and sang on her church's praise teams for several years as an alto or tenor substitute.

Marilynn can be contacted via her author page on Facebook at: or by email

Here's the giveaway link to Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey from which this excerpt was taken

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