Friday, December 28, 2012

Exploring the City

India boasts quite a variety of homes, from the higher caste to the lower caste.

When I pulled my bedroom curtain aside this morning, this is what I saw--a blanket-covered lump sticking out from under a rock truck. One by one, four men crawled out yawning. They've been working all day drilling a bore well in hopes of hitting water for the new home construction. Dirty and noisy!

Strolling Bangalore

The chip shop where they fry up the potatoes in the huge vat located in the front. Delicious!

Stray dogs and garbage go hand-in-hand here.

Open-air markets line the streets, selling everything from mattresses to dish detergent. 

India's coconut "Sonic!" The merchant whacks off the top, then plops a straw into the hole. Or if the customer prefers, the seller chops the coconut in two pieces, then slices off a portion of the outer shell in the shape of a spoon so that the buyer can scoop out the white coconut meat. 

One coconut costs R 18 (18 rupees, equivalent to about 0.30 US).


chaplaindebbie said...

Amazing....It seems that you never know what you will see around the corner over there, either upscale people, or those struggling; including the poor homeless dogs.
That coconut stand is something else! I've never had coconut milk before, I am thinking it must be sweet?
That's quite a view you have from your bedroom. Is the noise loud while you are sleeping?

Eileen Rife said...

The coconut milk is fairly bland, not much flavor, but it's very good for you. A perfect blend of electrolytes and helps protect the body against bad bacteria.

Thankfully, the noise stops at 10:00p.m. They used to work through the night. Ugh! But they're right back at it again this morning. Trying to drill another 500 ft.

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