Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Like Mary of Old

Like Mary of old my little granddaughter who lives in India cradles her "baby Jesus." At three, she received a doctor kit for Christmas. She and her cousin reenacted the Christmas story over and over again. At one point, Kylie pretended to be Mary. She lay on the couch writhing in pain. Suddenly, she raised up and said to Jesus, "Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

Once He was born, they gave Jesus His first postnatal exam. 

As you can see in the picture above, my granddaughter is sitting on a tiled floor. Indian homes typically boast flooring of marble or a variety of other materials, such as porcelain, tile, marble, stone, or brick, in keeping with one's budget. The cool flooring soothes the bare feet on a hot Indian day.

But not to worry this time of year . . .

December yields mild temps of 80 degrees during the day and 60 at night, only requiring a light sweater. 

Spring time, here we come!


By the way, flooring in India is hard to keep clean. My character Maggie in Journey to Judah complains about all the dirt accumulating on her floors. She has to sweep and mop every day! 

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chaplaindebbie said...

That is such a sweet picture and story, Eileen! I can just picture that little 'play'. Makes me smile. Kids make the best actors because their imagination is endless! Thanks for sharing.

Eileen Rife said...

Yes, and they offer such profound insights into spiritual things.

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