Friday, December 21, 2012

Not Exactly Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

Browsing the neighborhood this morning. Not exactly Mr. Rogers' neighborhood, but a neighborhood nonetheless. Here are some highlights.

A typical home. Houses are rarely purchased but rather rented for a period of time. Advance rent money is put down not for a few months but for years at a time. 

Another typical home constructed by the "tent people" while they work on construction. Construction goes on all the time. When a project is completed, the family moves on to another area. You can see that they use whatever is handy to dry their laundry. 

In the bathroom video, I mentioned how water supply tanks are located on the roof of the home. Above is an example.



chaplaindebbie said...

So the 'tent people' are the construction workers?

Eileen Rife said...

Yes. They set up make-shift homes out of tin, cardboard, pieces of lumber, and tarp. They even keep a lock on their "door."

chaplaindebbie said...

That is amazing, they actually put locks on make-shifts houses? Is crime a big factor over there?

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