Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Songs in the Night trilogy by Jack Cavanaugh! Giveaways!

Jack Cavanaugh is an award-winning, full-time freelance author of twenty-six published novels. A student of the novel for more than three decades, Jack takes his craft seriously, continuing to study and teach at Christian writers conferences. He is the former pastor of three churches in San Diego County and draws upon his theological background for the spiritual elements of his plots and characters.
His novels have been translated into a dozen foreign languages, largely because of the universal scope of his topics. Jack has not only written about American history, but about South Africa, banned English Bibles, German Christians in the days of Hitler and Communism, revivals in America, end times and angelic warfare. 

His novel Death Watch has been optioned to be made into a motion picture by Out Cold Entertainment, Inc. 

Songs in the Night trilogy


How much evil can one generation of Christians endure? 

Germany. 1933-1989. Less than the span of a single lifetime. Yet during that time Christians in Germany faced the rise of Hitler, the unholy blitzkrieg of World War II, and Communism behind the Berlin Wall. Why didn’t they speak out? Many of them did. Arrests, labor camps, and executions drove them underground. Songs in the Night is their story.

What inspired you to write your novel?

When I set out to write a historical novel, I look for eras when the faith of Christians was severely tested. While writing The Victors (Book 7 in the American Family Portrait series), I created a character, a German soldier, who was a Christian. The idea of the plight of German Christians during World War II intrigued me. The Germans have such a rich Christian history, how could they allow a man like Hitler to rise to power like he did? 

I researched the topic further and discovered that the first prisoners of the internment camps were pastors who spoke out against Hitler and the Third Reich. Further research revealed that the first victims of the gas chambers were Germans, the elderly and disabled children. And I knew I had to write their story. The Songs in the Night trilogy follows a generation of German Christians before World War II, during the war, and under communism behind the Berlin Wall, believers who never bowed a knee to Hitler. 

The concept of German Christians surfaced again in a stand-alone World War II novel about an American nurse and a German soldier who were caught in the middle of the Battle of the Bulge, Dear Enemy.

I think I’m done writing about German Christians during World War II now. Then again . . . . 

Wow, I've always been fascinated with this time period and historical events surrounding Hitler's Germany. Chilling reminder that America may not be far from this scenario. Thanks for tackling this topic!

What is one fun thing my readers might not know about you? 

On the weekends, when I’m not writing, I like to draw and paint with oils. I’ve dabbled with oil painting on and off since High School, and have recently taken it up again. I know just enough about the craft to be in awe over the skill of master painters. 

I have also started designing my own book covers for my ebooks. I did the ebook covers for the Songs in the Night trilogy.

How vital for writers to tap into other forms of creativity to refuel their idea arsenal, and to simply debrief and relax with another art form. Thanks for serving as a good example of this!

To learn more about Jack and his writing, visit the following:

Twitter: novelistjack
Facebook: novelistjack 

Jack is giving away signed copies of the Songs in the Night trilogy (When Mortals Sleep, His Watchful Eye, and Above All Earthly Powers), so leave a comment to enter the contest!


chaplaindebbie said...

All 3 books? Awesome! Hey Jack, your books sound really good.
THE BATTLE FOR THE SOUL OF A NATION...pretty much says it all.
I think it's great that your hobby of painting has become a part of your writing world. Not many authors can say that they do their own covers. Thanks for sharing...God bless.

Lori LC said...

I am always interested in reading historical fiction books, especially when written by a well known Christian author. I am looking forward to reading the 'Songs In the Night' trilogy,then blogging about them :)
Thank you,
Lori LC

Jack Cavanaugh said...

First of all, thank you, Eileen for hosting me today! And thanks for the nice comments, ChaplainDebbie and Lori LC!

I'll be around all day and am willing to answer any questions you might have.

Ernie Brogdon said...

The Songs in the Night trilogy was an exciting series and taught me so much about Germany's descent into evil. I'd read them again (it would be the third time), except I loaned them to my aunt several years ago.

I've read all nine volumes of the American Family Portrait series since the first volume, The Puritans, was released. What a a fascinating way to learn history!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jack, I had no idea you had this trilogy. I have to read them. Thanks so much Eileen for posting this today. Great blog. Now I know my summer read!

Jack Cavanaugh said...

Ernie! Thanks! You just made my day. Blessings.

Sherri Wilson Johnson said...

Jack was one of my instructors at the Christian Writes Guild writing conference years ago and a great encourager! I'd love to win these books!

Bethany said...

This was one of my very first historical fiction series and I was hooked from page 1! No kidding, I seriously have gone thru them all over a dozen times since then. I'd love to win the trilogy for myself because my brother took ours away with him when he moved. I'd give it 13 stars!!

chaplaindebbie said...

I've just recently wanted to learn more about history. When I was in school, history was so boring to me. My teachers were not the best at making history exciting.
Now,years and years later,through blogs and novels I have been learning so much about history. It is all so fascinating!

Barbara Thompson said...

The Songs in the Night trilogy sounds wonderful! Would love to win and read this trilogy! Please enter me in your contest!
Thank you,
Barbara Thompson

Michael Prater said...


I am a big fan of your work. I have read the American Family Portrait Series, the Great Awakening Series, and I just finished Behold. Once I start one of your books I cannot put it down. You are one of my favorite authors.

Tim Wachtstetter said...

I so enjoy the way Jack's books educate and inspire as they entertain. As a student of history, i particularly enjoy his historical fiction. The way Mr.Cavanaugh weaves a tale, blending fact and fiction, creates a throughly satisfying experience for the reader.
Jack, you have a real gift. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.
Tim Wachtstetter
Searcy, AR

Eileen Rife said...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone, to encourage Jack!

You blessed my heart, too. :)

Jack Cavanaugh said...

Wow. Thanks, everyone! You do a writer's heart good. It's so good to hear from dear friends and new friends! Blessings on you all, and on Eileen for bringing us all together.

Janet K Brown said...

Thanks, Eileen, for introducing me to a writer I don't know. Jack, your books sound fascinating. Thanks for sharing how you choose the historical setting.

HGlick said...

Interesting story idea.

Sharon Doffing said...

The Diary of Anne Frank intrigued me as a child and shocked me about the depravity of heart of mankind; unchecked. I think your work is a clarion call for history to not be repeated. Thank you for your voice.

Ada Brownell said...

I met Jack Cavanaugh at a Christian Writers conference where he spoke a long time ago and as a result bought his series, "The Pilgrims." I loaned the books to someone and I've never seen them again. I'd love to win this trilogy!

HisTruly said...

Jack Cavanaugh and his writing have made this NON- history buff appreciate and even enjoy past events! Great job unfolding God's hand and plan through the modern ages! :)

Anonymous said...

I remember when your Puritans series first came out. I was working for an independent Christian book store at the time, and those books really inspired me to want to write for the CBA. I'd love to read the Songs in the Night trilogy as well:)
Chris K

Mary Hake said...

Haven't read any of your books for a while. Would love these.

by Pegg Thomas said...

I've read all three of these and they are wonderful!

Veronica Leigh said...

My sister and I just love your "Songs in the Night" series. It is fabulous! They would make ideal movies!

Kelly Hogan said...

Jack, I would love to read your books. Mom has some ordered on the National Library Service for the Blind.

Designed for Joy said...

I would so love to win these books so I can share them with my friends. I have a Kindle and will buy them there otherwise.

Designed for Joy said...

I have a small lending library and would love to be able to add these to my collection. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Kelly Hogan said...

Jack, I can't wait to read your books. Mom has ordered some with National Library for the Blind.

Sean MacKenzie said...

Love this series so much! It doesn't sugar coat the reality of the murders not only against the Jewish population in Europe, but the Gentiles as well. We need more honest fiction like Jack's!

Sean "The Fictionista"

Jack Cavanaugh said...

Thanks, everyone for the encouraging comments. So glad to see how many of you have enjoyed the American Family Portrait series. I enjoyed (as in interesting, but at time depressing given the historical events) writing the Songs in the Night series. I'm currently working on a biblical fiction novel set during the time of Samson. Quite different from the typical Hollywood version. Should be out later this year. Again, thanks Eileen for giving us this chance to get together. Blessings.

Eileen Rife said...

My pleasure, Jack.

We really do need to pray for one another as writers. Often we go into the dark places of abuse, neglect, persecution (as in your trilogy), trafficking, etc. at God's request. Ultimately, to share His light with readers. But the effort to realistically capture a time period or situation on paper can take a toll on the mind and heart.

Joining hands to pray with you and other Christian writers I know! Thanks for the courage to tackle a difficult topic and historical era.

Eileen Rife said...

Come on down, Barbara Thompson! You're the winner of the Songs in the Night trilogy!


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