Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Missing in action!

What is it about post-menopausal women and brain freeze? At times, more often than I'd like, my mind's missing in action!

I'm scrubbing the floor, see . . . yeah, down on my knees, scrubbing dirt from the crevices in the foyer linoleum. Call me crazy. But actually, housecleaning is a welcome change from a rigorous writing routine. And some forms of cleaning are well overdue. 
I'm quite pleased with my scrubbing results, by the way. Didn't know the floor could look this good! 

Then I think, Pandora music would be nice. So, I step to the computer and immediately get sucked up into answering emails, shopping for Father's Day, and writing a get-well card. It's like tentacles reach out and grab me. Ah, the advance of technology . . .

But that's an entirely different blog topic. 

I return to my scrubbing, then pause, lean back on my heels and scratch my head. What in the world did I go to the computer for in the first place?

Ah, Pandora music. Yes . . .
But the writer in me can't resist: I have to blog. I must blog! 

So, I charge back to the computer, and here I type. Still no Pandora music. 

But that's gonna change . . . right now.

But first, let me explore the "advance of technology" angle. That'd make a solid article, I think. 

Guess that's why writers get pegged as scatter-brained.

So, maybe I can't blame my brain-freeze on menopause, after all. 


chaplaindebbie said...

Okay, I agree with that assessment...brain freeze. I can handle that once in's the hot flashes that are killing me! Sometimes they get so bad, I honestly think that I could melt snow. Hahaha!

Eileen Rife said...

Or save electricity and cook veggies on your chest, or stand in the middle of the room and let everyone warm their hands over you, as my husband jokes.

"Hah . . . hah," I retort.

chaplaindebbie said...

Haha! So glad I am not alone in this!

Eileen Rife said...

No, many others have trod your path, and are doing so now. Great to know we're in this mid-life thing together. :) A great time of life, really. I'd take hot flashes any day over the monthly cycle routine. I'm a much more emotionally-stable person without the mood changes, although you'd probably have to ask Chuck to verify that claim. :)

chaplaindebbie said...

I totally agree with you. I am always telling my family that I am actually grateful for hot more monthlies is a definite plus! So, even though the hot flashes are a pain, they are better than the alternative. :)

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