Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Best Birthday Gift

Quietly, she slipped an arm around me, held it there, and softly sang, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Eileen, happy birthday to you.”
Our foursome of church sisters gathered for our annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange (which just so happened to coincide with my birthday), but nothing touched my heart quite like that simple gesture. You see, my singing friend is a miracle.
Doctors didn’t think she would ever talk again, let alone sing. Due to thyroid cancer, she’d undergone surgery at great risk to her vocal cords. Yet, not only did she regain her speaking voice, but she stood on our church platform and sang only a few months later. Not as clearly or with as much control, but she sang! With a smile on her face, she sang. And heaven rang with praise.
So did my heart. Never has God used her so powerfully than in her weakness.
Knowing how God has brought good from her suffering moves me deeply. Knowing she would love to sing once again with a clear, crisp voice but quietly accepts God’s will moves me even more.
Never has she glorified Him more than now. For this brief season, until she sings with full abandon in His Kingdom, forever and ever!
Thank you, Cheryl, for the best birthday gift I received this year. 
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Terra said...

Your friend Cheryl glorifying God as she sings with her new voice, is a wonderful story.

Anonymous said...

Can you leave some tips for 15 year old aspiring journalist? Maybe even some critequtions? My blog is

Eileen Rife said...

Thanks for stopping by Terra and Peter!

Peter, I love mentoring young writers. My first tip is simply write every day! In your journal or a notebook, about anything and everything. You never know when one of those entries will spark an idea or provide a seed for an article.

Observe life around you. A journalist is always looking for that hot story. Interview people of interest. What about them would make a noteworthy story? Have they published a book? Received a medal? Become a small town hero?

Talk with established journalists. Visit their workplaces.

Above all else, keep writing. The very act will garner ideas and develop skills.

Keep me posted, Peter!

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