Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Mave Does on Thanksgiving Morning . . .

Woman vs. Bird

And I know who wins . . .

Every year, Second Chance protag Mave does the same thing on Thanksgiving morning, but I'll let her tell you about it.

Dancing around the kitchen floor at five in the morning with a naked turkey is not my idea of fun. Nevertheless, Thanksgiving Day wouldn't be complete without my annual battle--woman vs. bird. After inching the stubborn plastic ring off the drumsticks, I plop my captive on the counter, thrust my hand inside the cavity, and retrieve the wrapped giblets to cook up for gravy. Chuckling, I remember asking Jerry this time last year if he wanted the neck.

Gathering the garbage, he'd quipped, "Wanna neck? Sure!"

I rolled my eyes and shot back, "Is that all you ever think about?"

He paused and scratched his head. "Yep, pretty much." Then he slung the bag over his shoulder like Santa Claus and headed for the kitchen door.

Sure, he was joking. Still, what do they always say? There's a bit of truth underneath every joke. Maybe I should have appeased his appetite. Perhaps the growing distance I've felt between us since the kids left wouldn't have occurred if I'd been more attentive to his needs. 

A newbie to the empty nest, Mave misses her kids. She's let her appearance and affection toward her husband slip. Now she wants the fire back in her marriage, but wonders if Jerry's moved on to greener pastures.

But Mave's done some "slipping" out, too, and a couple new people join the Robertson's Thanksgiving table this year as a result. 

And one of them may very well get her in trouble, not only with Jerry, but with the law. 

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chaplaindebbie said...

Great excerpt! My sister shares your birthday on the 18th! Plus, my parents' anniversary was on the 18th, too. They celebrate in Heaven now. :)

Eileen Rife said...

Oh, a special day, indeed. :)

Eileen Rife said...

You're the winner, Debbie! Congratulations!

chaplaindebbie said...

Thanks, Eileen! I got your email and saw the announcement on Facebook. Happy Birthday!!!

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