Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bible Mommies: What They Teach Us (Intro)

God's story is epic, the sweeping saga of redemption. A chosen nation spawned through a chosen vessel--Abraham. Weakness mingled with strength. Faith overcoming unbelief. Rebellion colliding with God's Law. Wars. Famine. Kings and paupers. Prophets, priests, and poets. The coming Messiah.  The birth of God's Son. His teaching, rejection, and cruel death--all necessary for the fulfillment of God's redemption. His resurrection and promise to return. The spread of His Church through His followers. His Kingdom come, and Satan's ultimate defeat. Then everlasting life, peace, and joy as believers rule and reign with Him.

In the midst of this grand story, God dropped individuals, key players, in His drama. And many of those players were Bible mothers who left their mark on history.

What might it have been like to rear children in the early years of man's existence? During the cruelty of Pharaoh or Herod? During the wilderness journey? Or when Jesus walked the earth? 

Have you ever wondered what you might ask these special women if they were sitting in front of you?

Well, now you can. Pull up a comfy chair--two chairs, in fact--pour some coffee, and step into the lives of several Bible mommies and discover what you can learn.

As you visit with each Bible mommy, study the Scriptures, and reflect on the questions. Imagine what she would tell you if she were sharing her story with you.

First invitation: Sarah, From Barren to Blessed. We'll be visiting with Sarah tomorrow. Make plans to drop by!


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