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Coffee with Eunice (Bible Mommies series)

Eunice: Passing Down a Godly Heritage

I'm interviewing my last Bible mommy today. Kinda sad. I've enjoyed meeting these godly and very real women face to face. Poking around in their stories has left me with lessons I can use with my own children and grandchildren. I hope that's true for you, too. Today, I have Eunice, the mother of Timothy, with me.

Eunice, perhaps more than any other Bible mommy you understand what it's like to raise a son without the influence of a godly father. What was that like?

It's true. Timothy's father was a heathen Greek, actually a Greek-speaking Jew. I was a Jewess by birth. I converted to Christ when the apostle Paul made his first missionary journey through Derbe and Lystra. From that point on, I had a passion to train up my son in the things of the Lord.  My husband however did not support me. He even opposed me when I allowed Paul to circumcise Timothy. Yet, the best I knew how I honored my husband for his authority in our family, tried to respect his leadership, and treated him with kindness.

That must've been difficult without the support of your husband.

Yes, it was. But God raised up Paul to take Timothy under his wing. In essence, he became like a father to my son. And then, there was my mother, Lois. Together, we taught Timothy from childhood to honor and study the holy Scriptures. That laid the foundation for his future ministry with Paul and as a pastor. 

Wow, two godly women, leaving a godly legacy. We certainly can't overestimate the influence of a godly mom and grandmother. You might say, the Church owes you both a debt of gratitude. You passed on a rich, faithful heritage to Timothy, and God used him to build and encourage the early Church. His influence has been felt ever since.  What lessons would you say you learned as a mom?

Trust God, even if your husband doesn't. Even if he opposes your faith. Even when he doesn't help out. Pray for him. Point out specific areas in his life that you do respect. This will go a long way in winning him over. Don't spend all your time at church. Be respectful of your husband's needs. Don't argue over silly things. Keep the peace as much as possible. Honor your husband's authority unless he asks you to do something contrary to God's Word. Only then are you to obey God rather than man. 

Make good use of the godly influences in your child's life--like a grandparent. So valuable. I can't emphasize that enough. And ask God to raise up a godly man in your church to take your child under his wing. Pray, and be on the lookout for a faithful influence in your child's life. Be diligent to train your child, prepare his heart for the work God has for him. Nurture him in the faith. Walk it out alongside him. Your example is more important than your words. Certainly, your child needs both, but make sure you live what you tell him. 

Thank you, Eunice. I can't think of a better lady to finish out our series. The role of godly moms and grandmothers is so vital in our culture, in any culture! Thank you for serving as a faithful example to us in how to train our children. 

For more of Eunice's story, read 2 Timothy 1:5; Acts 16:1, 3.

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