Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why Did He Die, Grandma?

Five-year-old Hannah and I colored a picture at the kitchen table. "Remind me, Grandma, why did Jesus die?"

I paused, overwhelmed for a moment by the sincerity and gravity of her question.

Through threatening tears, I managed to respond. "Because He loved us."
"To pay for our sin," her older sister sitting on the other side of me added. 

Seemingly satisfied by the answers, Hannah hummed as she picked up a yellow crayon. 

But Hannah's question continued to roll around in my mind. 
Remind me. 

We all need that reminder of why Jesus died. That God would become man in order to identify with and deliver us, to understand our hurts, our sorrows, our sickness, our sin.

The perfect God-man.

Emmanuel. God with us. Born in a lowly manger. Crucified on a cruel cross. Buried in a tomb.
Can you hear the musical crescendo?
Then with a blast of forever victory, rose from the grave!
A living Savior!
Guaranteeing eternal life to all who will believe and receive Him!
Remind me.  
Yes, Lord, remind me every day of why You came, died, and rose again for me. Help me live with gratitude for what You have done to secure my forever salvation. Help me not to hoard this amazing grace, but to share it with others!



chappydebbie said...

Yes, we all need reminded. Thank You, Jesus, and come, Lord, come!

Eileen Rife said...


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