Friday, May 5, 2017

Now Available: Kenzie and the Spooky House Adventure for kids!

Missionary Kid Series, Ages 8 and up

 Kenzie Gunter, new missionary kid in India, wants a friend but 
 finds one in short supply. When an Indian family with a nine-
 year-old girl moves in to the house next door, Kenzie urges her 
 mom to make an introduction. But friendship in a foreign land 
 proves to be a challenge. That doesn’t stop Kenzie, however. 
 Her humorous and sometimes dangerous attempts to connect 
 with her neighbor keep the adventures coming . . . and the 

Kenzie and the Spooky House Adventure also includes the following:

More About India section with link to pictures and videos I took while visiting this amazing country!

Think About It (thought-provoking questions that help kids process the story)

Closing Words from the Author

Find Kenzie at the following locations:

Paperback here. 

Paperback here. 

Ebook here.

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