Speaking and Seminars

 Upcoming speaking engagements and book signings 
Speaking at a vintage tea for ladies

November 2 - 4, 2012, The Poconos Marriage Retreat

January, 2013, Bangalore Marriage Retreat

March, 2013, Lakeside Baptist Church, Women's Event

August 25, 2013, New Hope Baptist Church

October 15, 2013, The Learning Group

November 16, 2013, Holiday Country Store

January 28, 2014, Balancing Your Act

April 20, 2014, Balancing Your Act

May 5, 2014, Get in the Groove: God's Design for Relationships and Sexual Intimacy (Inner city TeenMops)

May 10, 2014, Cornerstone Farm, Red Oak, VA: Discovering the Person God Designed You to Be

May 12, 2014, Get in the Groove: God's Design for Relationships and Sexual Intimacy (Inner city TeenMops)

October 16, 2014, Writing for Magazines, Roanoke Christian Writers

March 5, 2015, Shenandoah Couples Retreat

April, 12, 2015, Publishing My First Novel, Roanoke Valley Christian Writers

September 12, 2015, Ole Salem Days book sale with the Roanoke Valley Christian Writers

December 5, 2016: Book signing at the New Castle Christmas Festival

February, 2016, Roanoke Valley Christian Writers (Navigating CreateSpace)

April 23, 2016, GreenRidge Baptist Women's Retreat, Camp Alta Mons

May 5, 2018, Lakeside Baptist Church Women's Event: REAL (with focus on relationships, encouragement, accountability, and laughter!)

June 1 - 4, 2018, Goodview Baptist Youth Retreat, Garden City, SC (focus on healing from past hurts)

Participant Feedback:

"You are so approachable, even from the stage. You make a nice connection with your audience."

"Thank you for your colorful and visual presentation this evening. It was a breath of fresh air and a great reminder. My takeaway was your three 'abilities.' I love those! I will be emailing you again in a few months to see if you'd like to come speak to our group . . . I believe your message would be a welcome 'pause' for us all." 

"Thank you for your honesty as you shared tonight. I could relate to several of the things you said."

"I loved your humor. Do I have your permission to share the Coat of Many Burdens with my women's group?"

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