Friday, January 4, 2013

Teaching Indian Teens How to Write

Today I had the incredible privilege of sharing my writing journey and insights with a few Indian students.

The students were so polite. When I entered the classroom, they all stood as a sign of respect for their teacher whom they called, "Madam." I told them to sit. Then I had each one share their name and age. One by one they stood to speak, then sat. At the conclusion of the class, they all stood again and in unison said, "Thank you, Madam, for your kind instruction." Such respect would not even be imagined in America. 

I asked one of the boys to capture a few moments of our class. In this pose, I'm showing the students how to create a list of possible topics for writing based on their interests, hobbies, experiences, and jobs. 

I also asked the students to write two paragraphs about themselves as keepsakes for me of our time together.

We discussed how to set up an effective writing environment, how to use the five senses to enhance our writing, and how various disciplines such as art, science, and theology might compare to writing (observe, interpret, apply).

Later I met with the teachers to discuss with them how to use various learning styles, individual student interests and personalities, to create a better teacher/student experience. They shared concerns about student discipline, so we brainstormed some possibilities.

All in all the day was one of my best here yet! 


chaplaindebbie said...

Wow, so polite; students in America could learn a lot from these young people. I am sure that you blessed them as much as they blessed you. :)

Eileen Rife said...

Definitely a highlight of my trip. :)

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