Thursday, April 18, 2013

What about Mom?

What about Mom?

Yeah, what about Mom? That precious lady who kissed away all the hurts, tucked you into bed as a child, insisted you eat your vegetables and wash behind your ears . . . 

And showed you how to live. Prayerfully, your mother taught from the Book. But even if she didn't open God's Word and point to chapter and verse, perhaps she unknowingly passed along a value, like eating right or treating others with kindness, that you've passed down to your children.

With that in mind, don't forget Mother's Day coming up on May 12! Let's honor our precious mothers by remembering them and treating them with extra special kindness. Gifts go a long way in showing our moms that we appreciate their years of investment in our lives. 

If your mom likes to read, consider gifting one of my books which deal with a variety of contemporary issues . . . 

My latest release, Laughing with Lily, is a story full of the unexpected, with many twists and turns, and of course romance! Deals with abortion, infertility, adoption, foster care, burn victim trauma, special education, home schooling.

Second Chance offers a mix of humor and suspense as an empty nest mom deals with her new season of life. Covers topics such as marriage in the second half of life, purpose in a new season of life, volunteering, inner city ministry, gangs and drugs--all through a fun and meaningful story.

Perhaps your mom likes to travel. My Born for India trilogy takes the reader to Chennai, India to join the Oasis Compound staff as they face the challenges of serving the Lord on foreign soil. Follow Maggie's journey, a single missionary gal, as she meets Gavin, the new compound doctor. Could love await? If your mom enjoys a sweet romance packaged with a meaningful message, this is the book to gift. 

Book two in the Born for India trilogy deals with a missionary kid, Gavin's brother, returning to his roots in India to escape same-sex attraction. If your mom's dealing with a family member or friend involved in a homosexual lifestyle, I'd strongly recommend this book. As one reader noted: "Restored Hearts will forever change the way I view people. Prayerfully, I will approach others with more compassion, reaching out to help rather than hurt."

If your mother's concerned about trafficked victims, this is the book to gift. Missionary couple, Dan and Yvonne Pratt, experience the heartbreak of infertility. Their lives are about to change when a young Nepali girl ends up on the compound doorstep. 

If your mom would like to visit Maui, but can't afford to go, this is the book for her! Light, refreshing, yet meaningful read via 31 short devotional vignettes that also serve as a delightful travel log. 

Learn more about these gifts at the following locations:


And let your Mom know you love her this Mother's Day!


chaplaindebbie said...

As you know, the only way my mom can be told that I love her, is through the Lord. I am sure that she is at peace right now awaiting her loved ones to join her. If she were still with me, I would lend her my copy of your devotional. I'm sure she would have loved it.
Hugs and God bless.

Eileen Rife said...

Yes, I often wonder if God affords our believing loved ones a glimpse from heaven. I'm entertaining this notion based on Hebrews 11 in my current WIP.

A hug to you, my friend.

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