Thursday, December 12, 2013

What I Want My Grandchildren to Remember

"As for me, this is My covenant with them," says the LORD. "My Spirit which is upon you, and My words which I have put in your mouth, shall not depart from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your offspring, nor from the mouth of your offspring's offspring," says the LORD, "from now and forever." Isaiah 59:21

If I had only one verse to claim for my grandchildren, this would be it. My heart's desire is that they continue to listen and follow the word of the Lord. That requires intentional instruction from both their parents and their grandparents. 

When we walk by the way, rise up in the morning, when we sit at the table, when we play games . . . 

We model Jesus. 

Truth be told, when all is said and done, I want my grandchildren to remember that I loved them, spent time with them, taught them biblical values, and prayed for them. 

When someone asks my grandchildren: Who was your grandma? I have no desire for them to say, "She was an author or a teacher or a speaker; no, I want them simply to say, "She was my grandma, a woman who loved me."

That's how I want to be distinguished in their lives, and in their memories. 


chaplaindebbie said...

I totally agree with this. I try my best to spend quality time with my grandchildren, even Lucas who is miles away.(via Skype) I just want them to always remember me as their Grammy who loved them very much. They will each have a journal and Bible to remind them that I constantly pray for them.

Eileen Rife said...

A journal and a Bible . . . so special.

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