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Coffee with Ruth (Bible Mommies series)

Ruth: Loyal Mother

Not much is said in the scriptures about our next Bible mommy. About motherhood, that is. However, much is said about her character, and much can be deduced about her role as a mom. Her story begins with, "In the days when the judges ruled . . ." A time when the Israelites did whatever was right in their own eyes, God profiles a young Moabite woman who chose to leave her homeland and follow her mother-in-law, Naomi, and God to Judah. Let's pull up a comfy chair and talk with Ruth now.

That must have been a very difficult time for you. You'd lost your husband and your brother-in-law and father-in-law. Wow, talk about loss hitting in threes! Which left you and Naomi since Orpah chose to go back to her family.

Yes, Naomi urged me to return to my family, but I didn't want to. I strongly believed I should stay and comfort her. Plus, I believed in her God, the one true God, and wanted to rebuild life with her and with Him. 

So, as the story goes, you packed up and traveled to Bethlehem with Naomi. How did that go?

Ruth sighs. Well, it was difficult at first. The other women welcomed Naomi back, but they weren't so sure about me, not being of their people, and all. 

I'm sorry that happened to you. People, God's people can be so harsh at times, pushing away the very ones they should draw in. But as I understand it, your character spoke for itself.

Ruth blushes. We were hungry, so I went to glean in the field of a man named, Boaz. Turns out he was a relative to Naomi, so she urged me to go to the threshing floor, wearing my best clothes and perfume, and lie down at his feet. She told me he would tell me what to do. While I didn't fully understand her request, I told her I'd do whatever she asked. 

Wow, that was bold. What happened?

In the middle of the night, something startled Boaz, and he turned and found me lying at his feet. He asked who I was. I told him and asked him to spread the corner of his garment over me, since he was a kinsman-redeemer. He was kind to me and recognized me as a woman of noble character.

Did God fan the flames of this budding romance?

Not at first. There was another man who was a closer relative and in line to marry me first, but he refused. So Boaz took me as his own. And we were very happy.

And then you gave birth to a son.

Yes, Obed. I can't quite describe how happy this little boy made Naomi. She'd called herself bitter up to that point, but now, well, she was overjoyed! She took him on her lap and cared for him, as any godly grandmother might do. In our sorrow, God brought us a sweet surprise. Ruth smiles. 

What lessons would you say you learned from this experience?

Oh, so many. But mostly, when we are faithful to the Lord, He provides for us, in ways we never dreamed possible. 

For more of Ruth's story, read the book of Ruth. :) Thanks for joining us today, Ruth! Stay tuned for our next Bible mommy, Hannah!  

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