Saturday, May 3, 2014


Every life is a story full of chapters. One of my favorite chapters is titled, "Motherhood." Of all the words I've written, the ones I hope will have the most lasting impact are the ones inscribed on my children's hearts. Because let's face it--a mother's words carry power, and prayerfully, truth that will bathe and direct a child's mind and heart all the days of his life. One such saying I carry around from my mother is, "Always leave a room better than you found it." I think of that bit of maternal wisdom whenever I'm working in the church kitchen or visiting someone. In addition to cleaning up my messes, I sometimes add a special touch, like a flower or a note, to lift the person's spirits.

Are you a mother? A grandmother? What words can you leave your child/grandchild that will reap results for eternity? My counselor husband often jokes that parents can nag their children from the grave. It's true! What you say is that powerful and that memorable. Your words will outlive you. So let's make our words godly ones that build up our children and help write their life stories.
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